Collecting Images

When I first started producing images I didn't start out with cameras. It was figure drawing that first hooked me on observing subjects and making images. At the time I hadn't seen much erotic photography that I liked. However, the power of the mechanically produced document, reducing and focusing of the vision to the single, static instant, the specificity of the view, the portability and the increased capacity for storing images, resulted in my being increasingly drawn to photography as the best, and often only practical way, of collecting the images I wanted.

As with so much in our modern world the efficiency and power of mechanical processes is undeniable. So, I use cameras as my journal and sketchbook, often working with two cameras, one for my multiple exposures and one where I'm taking the more usual single exposures. I regard single exposure shots as sketches and initial recordings of ideas.

You can see below a collection of these images. 




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