Eros and Esthetics


Jeffrey M Fletcher

My work is an exploration of the meaning of the erotic impulse and identity: how it can be depicted and what its role is in the creation of our selves and images. It is both personal and historical, an investigation of how we are and how we experience ourselves and each other, how history has shaped us, and how we construct history. 

Art has always interested me as an outgrowth or product of sexuality, creative acts and creation itself seem to me to be basically and inherently sexual. With this point of view those images and expressions that more directly are concerned with, and comment on, erotic themes are where I have focused my efforts and activities. The work here is based on some of the many differing strands of traditions in erotic imagery, historical contexts, issues that occur with this subject, and my attempts to participate in our ongoing discussions and consider some of our current concerns.   

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